MA Design: Explorations & Translations

Studio Culture: Material and Media Experiments 

The MA Design: Explorations & Translations at the IAA brings together multiple practices: design, media studies, social sciences and natural sciences. By synthesising and embodying different knowledge and using the dynamic landscape and industries of Iceland as an experimental ground, you will develop a unique voice in the expanded design field. 
To translate this personal vision, the MA Design Programme asks you to materialise and manifest possible realities through relevant media: you may e.g develop a concept for industry, propose a new sensory experience, or craft a fictional scenario for a future reality. Using both real and fictional design strategies, we work to build ethical awareness, form dialogues to engage with contemporary culture. 
You will have access to a range of hands-on and media facilities. Through the program you will develop your own working process through series of visits, encounters with experts, exploratory workshops and collaborations. You will participate in publications and exhibitions and develop online platforms for the mediation of your projects.
Above are all the practical information about how to apply to this program: deadlines, fees, prerequisites and contacts for further questions. 


Programme: MA Design
Academic degree: MA
Study length: 2 years
Bio/Geo-Mimetic Mentoring Tool: Mathematics opening the doors to cross-disciplinary knowledge
Dynamic Weather Visualisation