The Department of Theatre offers three study programmes: Acting, a three-year programme leading to a B.A. degree, in which the main emphasis is on training the actor; Theatre and Performance Making, a three-year programme leading to a B.A. degree, consisting of both theoretical and practical work, in which the focus is on theatre in the widest sense; and a three-year Contemporary Dance programme leading to a B.A. Degree.

The overall aim of the Contemporary Dance programme is to prepare talented, advanced dance students for the diverse working environment of the dancer.  Emphasis is placed on giving students further training in dance technique and movement ability, which gives them enhanced insight into methods of dance and develops them as artists.  The goal of the programme is to prepare talented dance students who have competed secondary education, for the diverse professional world of dance.

Students can only apply for a semester’s exchange to this programme. Furthermore, we are not able to accept exchange students to this programme every third year. This means that in 2015 - 2016 this programme will not be open for incoming exchange.

It is highly recommended that applicants will have completed the minimum of 60 ECTS in a dance programme, or an equivalent programme in order to meet the demands of the department.

Name of programme: Contemporary Dance
Degree: BA
Units: 180 ECTS
Length: 6 semesters – 3 years

Programme director

It is safe to say that the emergene of the programme in dance has brought considerable benefits to the icelandic dance community. The Programme boasts a fine selection of local and international teachers and artists who communicate to students new ideologies and methods in dance. Their contribution, experience, professionalism, interest and support are immeasurable, and inspire further successes in the field. 

Sveinbjörg Þórhallsdóttir, Assistant Professor and Programme Director.