About Contemporary Dance Practices (BA)

An International Bachelor of Arts programme in performing arts with focus on contemporary dance practices. Contemporary Dance Practices is a part of the Department of Performing Arts at Iceland Academy of the Arts. It is a three year full time undergraduate studies., 180 ECTS.

Launches in Autumn 2018

At the BA in Contemporary Dance Practices program we aim at educating dance artists with a unique voice and capacity to sustain a carrier within the contemporary dance scene internationally or to continue their studies on a MA level. Situated in Reykjavík, Iceland, the access to nature  and the proximity of the professional performing arts scene makes a suitable platform for a dynamic learning experience where the student is both inspired and challenged technically, contextually and artistically. Theory, technique, choreography and artistic expressions are explored individually and in collaborations for the student to develop a personal approach to movement, methods, choreography, creative process, staging and production.

The program places dance in dialogue with other art forms, creating a platform for exploration into different disciplines and approaches through collaborative creative process. The Department of Performing Arts maintains a fruitful collaboration with local and international art institutions, festivals and independent artists, such as Reykjavík Dance Festival, LÓKAL International Theater Festival, The Iceland Dance Company and theaters and museums in the city.

Within the programme there are three main strands of practices that intertwine; technique, theory and creative process and running concurrently is a strand focusing on the sustainability of the artist. Big emphasis is on fostering and developing critical thinking of the students. The programme provides a rigorous training in different styles of contemporary techniques and improvisation, supported by ballet for contemporary dancers and somatic practices. The creative practice departs from a personal viewpoint based on critical approach to both theory and practice. The aim is to explore new territories, expand the movement vocabulary and strengthen critical reflection and contextual awareness towards dance and choreography.

In the third year the students go into more specialized studies, with self-organized study plans.  


The course is international and is taught in English.



Name of Programme: Contemporary Dance Practices
Name of degree: Baccalaureate in the Arts
Level of study: Cycle Level 1.2 Bachelor´s degree
Credits: 180 ECTS
Course Length: 6 semesters – 3 years
Estimated number of students per year: 8 – 14 students


Berlín: Tanzfabrik Berlin February 17th -18th  2018
Reykjavík: Iceland Academy of the Arts  March10th - 11th  2018

Programme director

It is safe to say that the emergene of the programme in dance has brought considerable benefits to the icelandic dance community. The Programme boasts a fine selection of local and international teachers and artists who communicate to students new ideologies and methods in dance. Their contribution, experience, professionalism, interest and support are immeasurable, and inspire further successes in the field. 

Sveinbjörg Þórhallsdóttir, Assistant Professor and Programme Director.