About BA Fine Art

A three year Bachelor degree, 180 ECTs.
During the first year of study the focus is on stimulating the students’ visual artistic expression and creative abilities. The emphasis is on introducing students to various art movements, art methods and techniques.
Students attend courses in contemporary art theory and receive instruction in subjects such as photography, computer skills, video making, wood and metal work, moulding, painting and printing in the various school workshops and studios.

In the second year students choose from a wide variety of courses and studio work offered by various artists. The focus is on the aspect of art creation, with emphasis on individual work. Students work independently under the guidance of the department professors and professional artists. The emphasis in art theory is on specific subjects in art history and ideology.

During the third year students work independently and complete their studies with a B.A thesis and a final project displayed at the graduation exhibition. Students are awarded a BA degree upon completion of the coursework, examinations, and other requirements of the programme.

The study programme is completed with a BA project, which consist in submitting a final project to be displayed at graduates’ exhibition, and a Thesis on student’s own creative work.


Nafn brautar: Bakkalárnám í myndlist
Nafn gráðu: BA
Einingar: 180 ECTS
Lengd náms: 6 annir – 3 ár