Applicant should have finished Matriculation Exam or comparible education

Preparation according to The Icelandic National Curriculum Guide for Upper Secondary Schools
Secondary school dance or comparible education
- Preparation studies from private schools (sérskólum)
Knowledge and skills from experience
Applicants who are considered (umsækjendur sem koma til greina) regarding skólavist? Will be invited for an interview and an audition in the spring.


Applications and admission process

Application for studying at the Iceland Academy of the Arts is on a standard electrionical format.
The application process is in three steps, first one applies electronically, then application fee is paid and the third step is to print out the application.
Then the application has to be handed in to the office of the department concerned plus other application material that the department wishes for.
Please note that a photograph has to be attached to the electrionic application. Applications that are sent via mail should be posted before advertised deadline expires. Application fee is 5.000 ISK. It is possible to save the application while one is working on it.
The application - For an application to be valid the application fee has to be paid and the following documents to be delivered to the IAA:

1. Electrionic application

2. Printed and signed application

3. A confirmed copy of a graduation diploma


Admission process -

Admission committee chooses from a group of applicants, but besides an evaluation of the applications regarding to formal criteria, the selection is based on a practical audition and interviews:

• Admission exam 1st step (technique classes & workshops – all day)

• Admission exam 2nd step sample group (interviews)


Admission criteria -

Applicant should have finished Matriculation Exam or comparible education and it is preferable that they have finished Secondary stage in dance or comparible education

Exceptions regarding intake - The IAA is allowed to accept students into the school that have knowledge and experience which is considered adequate preparation for BA studies within the school. It is though expected that the students shall have finished no less than 105 ECTS from the older system of the upper secondary school system or 150 ECTS according to the new system.